There's something very mysterious happening with Kanye West's social media.

We’re used to seeing a bit of controversy when it comes to Kanye West and social media.

But the 39-year-old rapper served up a side of drama that no one was expecting when he mysteriously deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts over the weekend.

Kanye West's Twitter has officially been reported as missing.

Yes, that's right, the man who notoriously gave us such Twitter gems as, "I have to dress Kim every day so she doesn't embarrass me" and "sometimes I get emotional over fonts" has gone dark.

While his disappearance from social media has remained unexplained, this is just further proof that Kris Jenner has clearly kidnapped him and is holding him hostage he may just need a little bit of time out from the public.

After all, wife Kim Kardashian stepped out at the Met Gala last week after Kanye chose to take it slow returning to the spotlight after a well-publicised breakdown last November.

Video via E!

Kanye's deactivations come just days after he and Kim released a new range of children's clothing, called The Kids Supply.

Kim is yet to comment on her husband's social media silence, but has still been tweeting and 'gramming away in his absence.

And while we're sure Kanye will be back, many of his loyal followers are distraught at the news.


Some had some pretty convincing theories about why Kanye had disappeared:


As for others? They were just delightfully amused they had now amassed more Twitter followers than the Gold Digger rapper: