Kanye West gives talentless nobody Paul McCartney a career in music.

Kanye West somehow convinces former Beatle Paul McCartney to lay down vocals on one of his songs.

OR ALTERNATIVELY, ACCORDING TO IDIOTS: 37-year-old rap king Kanye West pays some unknown, 72-year-old dude to sing some stuff on his album. Because he is nice to old men and very good at spotting fresh new talent.

Yes, there are currently real people who think Kanye West has given some talentless British layabout called Paul McCartney his big break in the music industry. See:

Never mind that Sir James Paul McCartney MBE is one of the most successful singers and composers of all time. The man has sold more than 100 million albums and 100 million singles, as a member of The Beatles and as a solo artist. He literally could not be more successful if he tried. Appearing on a Kanye track is basically just for shits and giggles.

Given McCartney’s astonishing success and also the existence of Google, is it actually possible to be this ignorant? IS IT?

Here is photographic evidence of the least expected bromance, possibly ever:

Here’s Kanye announcing the song they worked on together:

And finally, here’s a little-known song Paul McCartney wrote and performed in 1965. It’s just, you know, the most frequently covered song in all of human history. No big deal.

Is it too much to suggest that this song be played on repeat to every person who tweeted their ignorance of Paul McCartney? All day every day for the rest of forever? It’s really the least they deserve.

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