Watch Kanye West break up a vicious paparazzi fight, with hugs.

Well, if we didn’t already know that Kanye West was akin to to a saint, we now have full confirmation.

The man who is notoriously known for his quick temper and ability to get in never-ending Twitter fights, Kanye seems to have turned into a lover, not a hater.

The footage filmed by TMZ, shows the artist being bombarded by paparazzi when two of the photographers break into a fight.

Speaking of Kanye’s twitter fights, do you need a bit of explainer about how it all started? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. (Post continues after video.)

There was a punch or two, and even a few kicks.

One might assume that Kanye would have taken his opportunity to run away or very possibly begin live-tweeting the event, but oh no. Not Saint Kanye.

This brand new man runs in to break up the fight by hugging one of the reporters, like a Mama bear after she finds her lost cub.

Kanye (left) hugging the reporter. So much love.


Maybe we’re just cynical, or is Kanye simply trying to redirect the attention away undercutting Taylor Swift, the details of his sex life with Amber Rose, or asking Mark Zuckerberg for millions of dollars?

Whatever the reason, when you’re next in doubt just wonder: What would Saint Kanye do? #kanyeforpresident

You can watch the footage here.