Kaley Cuoco won't stop cutting her hair

Kaley Cuoco, we hereby diagnose you with a haircut addiction.

The actress, who you may recognise from the Big Bang Theory reruns that grace your screen every waking minute eveninghas just unveiled her second major chop in as many months.

Back in March, Kaley’s long blonde hair was snipped off into a shaggy long bob, which she debuted on Instagram with the caption, “I can’t stop!”

Moments before Kaley's first big chop

Oh Kaley - those words were more prophetic than you could ever have imagined at the time. Turns out that 'lob' was merely a gateway cut which cleared the way for an even cuter - and shorter - chop. There's always a gateway haircut.

The 28-year-old showed off her new pixie cut on Instagram yesterday, writing, "Thank you @clsymonds for bringing out my inner Peter Pan."

We don't recall any Peter Pan in living memory wearing a long, sweeping fringe and fresh blonde highlights, but we love Kaley's new cut regardless - and are 93% sure she'll go even shorter again in a matter of weeks.