Superfoods are now invading your beauty cabinet too.

We haven’t reached superfood saturation yet. Image via iStock.

You may be keen for kale, crazy for coconut oil and regularly chow down some chia seeds, but you’re not a true superfood lover unless you’re putting them on your face too.

Yep, superfoods are now invading your beauty stash as well as your pantry.

They’re not just for show (or #cleaneating health snobs!) either. More and more studies are finding just how significant nutrition is for the health of our skin, so it’s no surprise that extracts of popular superfoods are also finding their way into the ingredients of skincare products.

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The benefits lie in their abundance of antioxidants, which are great at skin cell renewal, AKA keeping your skin looking fresh, healthy and youthful!

It’s not a new thing either. Celeste Lutrario, vice president of global research and development for Burt’s Bees says that the beauty industry has always looked to the food industry for ingredient inspiration.

“They do the most research on the nutrients of ingredients, so they have an abundance of research that we can use to see what the chemical make up is and what the nutritional value will be,” she says.

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That doesn’t translate to basing your skincare regimen on your smoothie recipes though.

Not all superfoods that are great to eat will be as effective on your skin, as they have to be extracted  to work in the product formula. Some are not stable enough, some lose their potency after processing and others can be allergens, which will only irritate your skin rather than help it!

Not sure where to begin? Here are some of our favourite superfood infused beauty products – and the good news is using them is easier to stomach than goji berries.

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 Are you a superfood lover? Or sick of all the hype and superfood snobbery?