Justine Clarke on choosing between her face and her career.

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Justine Clarke is a familiar face.

Exactly why she’s familiar depends on what generation you come from.

Many know her from Play School, while others might remember her as Ruth “Roo” Stewart, an original Home and Away character now played by Georgie Parker.

Image: Play School

Acting since she was nine years old, Clarke really has grown up in the public eye.


Her roles have gotten older too - in her No Filter interview with childhood friend Mia Freedman, the pair discussed Clarke's current role in Muriel's Wedding The Musical, before lamenting over the fact Clarke wasn't playing Muriel, but her mother, Betty Heslop.

"We're not in that age gap anymore!" she said.

Listen: Justine Clarke on ageing as an actress. Post continues after audio.

"I just wanted to be in a musical, to be honest. The last musical I was in was Sound of Music 35 years ago. I have auditioned, I just don't get them. I'm not a belter and I get really, really nervous."

Working in an industry that is so focussed on appearance has thrown up some challenges, particularly as a mother of a daughter, Nina.

"I'm flipping into that age now. I'm Betty Heslop. No-one wants to f*** Betty Heslop," she joked.

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While ageing in the spotlight certainly preys on her mind, she's not hitting the botox just yet.

"I think I'm in the middle of reconciling that right now. I think I have shied away a little bit in a sense, partly why I've done other things like making albums, executive producing TV shows because I don't like the focus to be on how I look," she said.

"I am getting to the age where you go one way or the other and I think my other thing about it is 'Am I not trying hard enough then?'

"It's that fine line between not letting yourself go but also accepting some things. But you have to always balance those things with not letting yourself go."

Listen to the full interview with Justine Clarke below.

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