“I gotta stop the show." The moment Justin Timberlake announced a fan's pregnancy.

Well here’s a memo to all the male celebrities on a PR quest to win back the love and adoration of the world: Just do something relatively nice mid-performance for a fan.

This week, Justin Timberlake stopped his show at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, after he noticed a sign a woman was holding in the front row.

“I gotta stop the show for a minute. This is very cool,” Timberlake told the crowd, reading the poster the woman had made. “This says, ‘Will you help announce my pregnancy tonight?’”

The woman’s name was Darcell Baxtresser, and Timberlake took her sign and said: “Baby Baxtresser arriving November 1, 2018.

“Tell Papa B I said congratulations too!” he added.

On Facebook, Baxtresser wrote it was the “most unforgettable moment” of her life.

“This was the most amazing, magical, unforgettable moment I have ever had in my life!!! My first love to announce my pregnancy was crazy!!! A truly special memory I will forever cherish!! Thank you!! Justin Timberlake The Tennessee Kids #BabyBax #BestPregnancyAnnouncementEver #NoOneCanTopThat #JTisTheBest #MOTW #JustinTimberlake #ILoveHim #WorthEveryPenny,” she wrote.

She also told E! News she had no expectations when bringing the sign to the show. She was hoping, she said, Timberlake would see the sign “and, at best, take a picture with it, but I did not at all expect him to stop the show, literally.

“As soon as it happened, cousins and friends who were at the show were blowing up my phone, so I figured I had to tell my family right away. I group texted my siblings and parents the video and they were all going nuts. I sent it to my husband and he was just like, ‘Oh wow!’ ”

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