The photo fans think started a war between Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux and Brad Pitt.

Hey, remember that time Jennifer Aniston was married to Brad Pitt?

And remember when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split and the whole world was looking at Jen for a response?

(We’re kidding, because, OF COURSE you remember).

Just when you thought the dust had settled on that whole thing, along comes Justin Theroux (aka Jennifer Aniston’s new husband) to post an expletive-ridden Instagram post to stir up a little bit of celebrity drama.

Justin has spoken...sort of...not really. Image via Getty Images.

Posting a pic of an artwork by street artist Nick Flatt, the 45-year-old said the image summed up his "current election mood".

It just so happens that among phrases like "f*ck war" and "f*ck haters", the artwork also said, "f*ck Brad Pitt".


His 305,000 followers were quick to spot the possible 'shade'.

"This is everything," wrote one commenter.

After noticing the flood of comments pointing out Pitt's name, Theroux was forced to clarify that he wasn't taking a swipe at anyone in particular.

"NO this post is NOT shading anyone because I'm not elevens years old I mean seriously," he hashtagged.

Just last month, Theroux was asked to comment on the split between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

"As a child of divorce, all I can say is that’s terrible news for those children, and that’s all you can really say," he told Business Insider.

"It’s boring to sort of comment on anything else. People are having a bad time — that’s horrible," he added.