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Married At First Sight's Justin did a sneaky Instagram re-upload. Is clearly still not over the girls' night.

Married at First Sight’s resident Bondi-based entrepreneur has been doing the old post-and-delete on his Instagram, because he’s still not over the fact that the girls got angry over what was said about them during boy’s night.

To recap. No-good Dean thought it would be fun to see who was fancying whose wives… because of the experiment. Naturally, this didn’t end well.

Pat blabbed to Charlene, Charlene confronted Dean and announced at the dinner party that Justin said that he wouldn’t mind switching Carly for Ashley, Carly was unsurprisingly pissssed which led to the words…

“Why are you so weak? Fight for me! You don’t deserve someone like me! I can do better than you,” she said, and with that, Justin left the dinner table

End scene.

Now right before this fiery bit of TV went to air, Justin decided that it would be right fun to temper the audience with a sassy Instagram post of the girls at girl’s night with the caption, “So is it ok for the girls to talk about other husbands? #girlsnight #boysnight #whatsthedifference?”

Then, as reported by The Daily Mail, he later deleted the post, before re-posting the exact same image on Friday with a new, but equally salty caption that read, “Hhmmm. Whats so funny Ladies??? Hope you’re not being nasty or disrespectful about other people…”


However, now the image seems to have dissapeared with the most recent photo being one of him and Carly and a far less accusatory caption that reads, “Sshhh. Boys have secrets and so do girls… Look forward to tonight! ”

Now while we await the results of the final commitment ceremony, we can only wonder… Will Justin defy every bone and nerve in his body and elect to stay? Will Charlene realise that when it comes to this weird social experiment, taking the moral high ground is next to impossible?

Will Dean finally drop his new rap career that is at least 87.3% of the reason why he’s on his show?

In the interest of the continued longevity of this show we will probably get approximately zero answers to these questions.

But that’s okay, because life’s not about the destination, it’s all about the bizarre, outlandish, drama-filled journey experiment it takes to eventually get there.

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