Actual footage of the moment Orlando Bloom missed Justin Bieber's face with his fist.








Remember the time in high school when a couple of idiot guys got into fisticuffs over a girl?

Back then it seemed like an embarrassing display of machismo gone wrong, so wait until you see how grossly immature it looks on a pair of grown men – grown men who happen to be celebrities.

New footage of the highly publicised Ibiza stoush between pop star Justin Bieber and the former Mr Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom, has emerged online in which you can actually see the moment Orlando swings a wild punch at Bieber.

In the footage, originally published via a Swedish tabloid, you see that Bieber manages to dodge the attempted punch thanks to assistance from his entourage.


There are a lot of ‘allegedly‘s in this bruhaha:

1. The fight broke out when Bieber allegedly approached Orlando in the Ibiza club and said “what up, bitch?”;

2. These were fighting words because Bieber allegedly had a fling with Orlando’s ex, Miranda Kerr, after the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show;

3. When Justin Bieber and his entourage left the Ibiza venue, the rest of the crowd allegedly started applauding;

4. This included Leonardo DiCaprio, who allegedly cheered when Orlando took a swing at the pop star;

5. Sadly, the video footage of Orlando Bloom trying to punch Justin Bieber has allegedly had more views than the combined total of 89% of Orlando’s past ten film releases*.

Meanwhile, Miranda Kerr is yet to comment or even acknowledge the incident, preferring to focus on her new denim campaign in which she wears jeans in the bathtub. Good one, girl. The best way to ride out this ridiculous incident is to turn the other denim-clad cheek.

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