Whoa! Our 'Just Between Us' podcast goes commando.

This week Just Between Us tries something new.

The Debrief Daily podcast goes commando. It’s off with the theme, throw out the script and get down to discussing the big business of the week as we see it.

Rebecca Huntley and Sarah Macdonald talk about the Bill Cosby phenomenon and why everyone’s favourite father got away with so much for so long.

This jumper now looks very creepy

They also discuss whether we'd rather be called 'mumsy' or 'bitch' ... and they attempt to bring back Shakespearean insults of old.

And, on the back of a story about a man who no longer finds his wife attractive after she gained weight, There's also an investigation of desire and whether it can be socially deconstructed, altered or reactivated when it's dead and nearly buried.

You can listen here on iTunes and subscribe so your episodes automatically download onto your device, or listen below on Soundcloud.

And we apologise for the ropey start - our strong vibes blew a microphone up.

We'd love your thoughts. Let us know in the comments.

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