Julie Bishop is winning at Twitter and foreign policy.



Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has mastered a new language: The language of Emoji. And she’s carrying it off with diplomatic aplomb worthy of a free trade negotiation.

Yesterday, Julie impressed all of her 85,000+ Twitter fans by replying to comments with single emoticons. A Twitter fan called her out on it and she responded with a smiley face with sunnies:


Someone asked Julie to send them an ’emoji story’. If you don’t speak with emoticons (it’s okay to admit it), then read the little cartoon pictures as a story. We interpret this story as “a quick plane trip to a sunny seaside place with soup and cookies”.

Not sure where or what that is, but we like it.



Fans expected her emoji use to reflect in her work. They were right. Julie’s response seems to refer to her writing an emoji speech to read in New York, probably in her role as president of the United Nations Security Council.


Nailed it, Juls. But all good politicians know when to retire:



Good work Julie. Nothing like a politician with a sense of humour.