WATCH: Julie Bishop just dramatically acted out an emoji.

Her obsession has reached its peak.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop appeared on the Today Show this morning, and made our hearts sing by acting out an emoji live on-air. Yes, she made a real-life emoji face.

Bishop appeared on the show to discuss the controversy surrounding Governor General Peter Cosgrove’s $2000 Thermomix.

Karl Stefanovic was very amused by Julie Bishop’s brilliant re-enactment.

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic asked the Foreign Minister what she thought of the expensive appliance.

“I’m going to answer in an emoji,” she said…

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What followed was a shocked face. A brilliant, spot-on impression of a shocked face emoji.

Pretty spot on.

We’re thinking Karl pretty much summed it up best when he said: “That’s why you rock, Julie Bishop.”

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You can watch the full video below. Post continues after video.

Julie Bishop has a long and hilarious history with emojis: her tweets are full of them, and she recently conducted an interview with Buzzfeed Australia where she replied to every single question with the teeny cartoon characters.

Her obsession started on Twitter and escalated.


And, naturally, we’re betting this will be Julie Bishop’s next big political announcement.