Watch Julianne Moore yell maniacally, cry in people's faces at Times Square.

Billy Eichner is most famous for accosting people on the street and yelling maniacally at them in a comical fashion.

He regularly enlists celebrities for his Billy on the Street show, and for the latest episode he brought Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore to demonstrate character acting for unsuspecting tourists in New York’s Times Square.

For the bargain price of a quarter, Moore reenacted some of her most famous scenes, to heartrending effect.

Watch Moore and Eichner in action here.. Post continues after video.

Video via truTV

To one tourist, a guy who proudly announced that even though he’s Australian, he knows who Julianne Moore is, she performed as her The Kids Are Alright character Jules Allgood.

The effusive Australian agreed that it was “good”.

Next, Moore reprised her role as Linda Partridge from Magnolia, in a harrowing speech that begins, “You fucking asshole, who the fuck, who the fuck do you think you are?” to a middle-aged woman.

Another lady behind Moore was so baffled.

Eichner then tried to deter a tourist from taking a selfie with the Cookie Monster. “Look, it’s Julianne Moore!” he screamed in the bewildered man’s face.

“Famous woman?” he asked.

“YES, FAMOUS WOMAN!!!!!!!!!”

It gets better — you just have to see it.