Julia Roberts' red hair is baaaaaack.

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Julia Roberts‘ hair colour over the years has been almost as diverse as her on-screen roles.

The Oscar-winning actress has worn her hair dark chocolate brown, medium brown, various shades of blonde and even ombre, but we have to admit we love her best as a redhead. Perhaps it’s because we associate that bouncy, beautiful, ringletty red hair with her roles in ’90s classics like Pretty Woman and My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Just look at it here. It's glorious.

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For this reason, we were rather excited to see the 47-year-old on the Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet yesterday with her trademark auburn hair. Julia's hair has been blonde for several years now, so this is quite a change.


So lovely.

Here's an interesting fact for you: like her fellow perpetual redheads Christina Hendricks and Emma Stone, Julia is actually a natural blonde.

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