Julia Morris had a miscarriage in the middle of a flight.






Her husband survived breast cancer.

Her marriage almost broke down.

She had a miscarriage in the middle of a flight.

And somehow, they were all funny stories.


Julia Morris is nothing short of a battler. In an amazing interview with Monty Dimond for Show and Tell Online, she discussed ALL the topics with humour and nonchalance.

Do you know what the very first thing she said to her husband Dan was? ‘Do you want to fuck or not?’ (Evidently, he did!). She refers to the time when they were living in LA, with two children, and she was the breadwinner who had to commute to and from Australia. She wasn’t sure her marriage would survive it, and yet, her hubby and her are now stronger than ever.

Julia Morris and husband Dan Thomas.

They discovered Dan had breast cancer when he went into hospital for a stomach hernia. Julia had just had a botox session. The doctor told them the bad news, and as they left the hospital, Dan thanked Julia for being so calm and collected. “Honey, I’ve had botox!” said Julia, barely moving a face muscle.

Julia talks about the time that she realised she was having a miscarriage, during a flight from South Africa to Australia.

“I was sitting next to a comic friend of mine and I came back from the bathroom and he goes, ‘How big is the s**t that you were doing to be in the toilet that long?’ Talk about making someone feel awkward. I said, ‘Oh I think I’m miscarrying,’ and he was like, ‘Oh my god.’”

Three days later she was performing at the Montreal Comedy Festival. “I’m a steam train like that. That’s just how I operate. I think I grieve later.”

She also talked about smacking her kids, losing her favourite aunt, travelling with her parents and being a promiscuous young woman (‘Get it up, get it in, get it out…’). Julia Morris. Never backward in coming forward.

We salute you, J.Mo.