Julia Morris on the very extravagant way she'll be spending her 50th birthday.

Julia Morris is turning 50 next year and she has plans. 

In her interview with Stellar magazine, published on Sunday, the comedian and television presenter said she has requested her husband organise a special birthday dinner.

The mother of two daughters, Ruby, 11, and Sophie, nine, told her husband, Dan Thomas, she wanted to go to a place called the Rainbow Room to celebrate.

Thomas, also a comedian, was very keen to oblige, and asked where it was.

Morris, of course, just told him to look it up.

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Yes, well, it’s on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.

A Manhattan cocktail at the Rainbow Room will set you back about AUD$32, and dinner for two about AUD$170 – not including drinks.

But that’s what Morris wants and therefore, on the 20th of April, Morris, her husband, their daughters and some close friends will be celebrating her 50th in a very fancy New York restaurant.

Approaching what she calls her ‘golden jubilee’, Morris says she is, “busier, more successful, healthier and calmer,” than she has ever been.

Julia Morris. Image via Getty.

"It's a cliche that the midlife crisis happens at 50," she told Stellar.

"Your 40s are the real confrontation time. That’s when you get the first signs of ageing and learn you're on the reverse side of looking good... it's a tremendous rebirth.

"I don't give a f*ck about turning 50," Morris said.

The only thing she gives a f*ck about, is ending up in a brilliant New York restaurant, surrounded by a handful of her favourite people.

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