Among Hillary Clinton's leaked emails, Julia Louis-Dreyfus had an awkward realisation.

Even for an actress credited with bringing TV fans two cult characters, receiving a note from then-US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can leave you feeling more than a little star-struck.

Veep star Julia Louis-Dreyfus was so delighted to receive a personalised note from Clinton in early 2013 that she framed the note and hung it on her wall.

But as the Seinfeld actress recently recounted to James Corden on The Late Late Show, she would later find out all was not as it appeared.

Explaining how she was somehow connected to the email leaking scandal that dogged Clinton’s presidential election campaign, Louis-Dreyfus told Corden about the sweet note she had received from the politician.

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“Somebody who worked on Veep also worked with Hillary Clinton, they did her makeup. So my friends from the makeup department, as a gift they gave me a note from Hillary Clinton,” she said.

“It read, ‘Dear Julia – Hope you get job reform and education reform etc etc as Veep, Hillary Rodham Clinton’.”

Touching, right? Seems like Clinton is a big fan of the show in which Louis-Dreyfus plays the US vice president.

Unfortunately, for Louis-Dreyfus, that wasn’t the case. The leaked email revealed that not only had Clinton not known her name, neither she, nor the staffer she addressed the email to, had watched Veep.

The email, which the actress saw in a tweet, said: “A friend of mine needs me to write something for Julie Dreyfus. Any idea what to say? She’s on some show.”

The staff members response wasn’t much better for the 56-year-old’s self-esteem: “It’s called Veep, I will admit I have not seen it…”


Julia, taking the reality-check in her stride, told Corden that she was “thrilled” and decided to print the email and hang it next to the note.