Dame Judi Dench gets butt tattoo, remains bad-ass at 80.

Badass Dame Judi Dench didn’t really know how to thank the man she credits for her career… So she said thanks by getting his name tattooed on her butt.

The 80-year-old got “JD loves HW” inked on her behind to show her appreciation of legendary Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Here she is, casually being cooler than any of us will ever be in our lives:

The one and only Dame Judi Dench.

Dame Dench credits Weinstein for making her fabulously famous and successful in the mid-90s.

She went on to be nominated for seven Oscars (six of which were for films produced by Weinstein) as well as becoming an OBE and a Dame. And the hypothetical grandmother of our dreams.

Weinstein described the moment he found out about his unconventional gift on The Graham Norton Show:

judi dench tattoo
Dame Judi Dench and Harvey Weinstein at a special screening for The Weinstein Company’s Mrs. Henderson. Image via Getty.

“She said to me ‘I can’t thank you enough. She took me to the Four Seasons Restaurant. She said ‘I’ve got a surprise. You’re a guy who has everything. I don’t know what to get you’. Judi Dench unbuckles her pants and on her bum, as you say, ‘JD loves HW’, a tattoo. She said ‘I put your name on my ass.”

Apparently, Dame Judi flashed her butt tattoo (buttoo?) to Oprah at last year’s BAFTA awards, so that’s two very famous people who can visually confirm the buttoo exists.

Here is the hilarious moment Weinstein spoke about the tattoo on air: