"To all the parents I judged before I became one: I’m sorry."

Dear parents in my life,

You knew this moment was coming all along, didn’t you? Of course you did, you patient things. I’d like to offer you a big apology. I’m sorry for judging you before I became a parent myself.

You see, before I gave birth to my baby girl last year, I found your parenting ways to be a little, well, baffling at times, if I’m to be perfectly honest.

When you texted asking to meet me for breakfast at 8am so that your baby could be home for their morning nap, I have to admit, I raised my eyebrows before reluctantly setting my alarm for a rude 7:30am wake-up call. Yeah, I had no idea of the terrifying ordeal that is Nap Time.

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When you bailed on a friend’s gathering because you couldn’t locate your tantruming toddler’s favourite toy? I thought superiorly to myself that I would never let my future children become the boss of me.

When you left drinks at 10pm because you didn’t want to look after a kid hungover, I tsk tsked under my breath. Because how hard could cuddling a sweet, angel-faced baby all day be when you feel a bit dusty? Right…?

As a non-parent, I would eye-roll time and time again at the antics of you; the parents in my life. But since becoming sherpa mother to my lively little girl, I’ve realised the error of my ways: this raising a child stuff is bloody hard.


Not only that, I’ve now discovered just how annoying my antics must’ve been to you. (If you hadn’t guessed, I’m cringing right about now.)

The time I came around to meet your delicious newborn sans a cooked meal or any kind of snack for you? I deserved to be fined, quite frankly.

The time I complained miserably to you about how exhausted I was after only getting six hours of sleep, when you probably had three broken hours? I can now see how that could’ve been a tad frustrating for you and your legitimately sleep deprived brain.

The time I turned up an hour late to hang out with you? Oh gosh, I’m so sorry about that, too. I had no idea just how important it is to keep to a schedule with a hungry, sleepy baby.

My fellow parents, please forgive me. I’ll shout you dinner to make up for it. Is it ok if we meet at 5pm though? I’ve got to put my baby to bed at seven.

Yours sheepishly,

Edwina xx

Edwina Carr Barraclough is a Sydney-based beauty and lifestyle writer and social media and content consultant. You can see more from her on Instagram or Facebook.

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