FLUFF: Jude Law's teenage son is a model. Obviously.

Jude Law, owner of a very beautiful face, has a teenage son called Rafferty. He’s 17 years old and he’s just walked the runway for the first time.

His mama, Sadie Frost, also has extreme good looks so it’s hardly a surprise. This kid probably strutted out of the womb with a perfect male-model expression.

The likeness is pretty astonishing.


Mama Sadie has been posting photos of the handsome human she made on her Instagram. As has Rafferty himself, which is cool because it is his face.

Here he is, channeling Papa Jude and James Dean all in one:

Here he is evoking the flat-cap punk phase from the ’90s.

Aaaaaaand here he is, being a normal teenager because he is only 17.

Arch that eyebrow, Rafferty Law. Arch it good.

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