Channel 9 journalist verbally abused while working. She handled him like a total boss.

Television journalist Maggie Raworth was just doing her job, presenting a piece to camera for Nine News outside Victoria’s Ballarat Court, when a random stranger began harassing her.

He started in on journalists in general…

“You chose to be a journalist, there’s a million and one jobs in this world and you chose to be a lying piece of sh*t for a living,” the unshaven man in a beanie and dark sunglasses began, as recorded by Nine and shared on Raworth’s Facebook page.

“I make 10 times the f*cking money you do, get a real job,” the random man continued, walking up to Raworth and giving her the finger.

(First up: It’s mid-morning on a Monday and this man has nothing better to do than abuse people doing their jobs. So… there’s that.)

But he wasn’t done. No where near done.

Not only had this man shouted at Raworth from his car. Parked his car. Got out of his car for the sole purpose of telling Raworth how “dishonourable” her job is… He still went on to comment on the 24-year-old television journalist’s appearance.

“Give it five f*cking years and you’ll be out of a job, all wrinkled up and sh*t. I mean, you’re already getting fat.”

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No. NO.

The most striking part of this story, however, is how nonchalantly Raworth handled the situation. One thing is clear: she’s been through this before.

She responded like a boss. “What have I ever done to you?” she asked him, before taking out her camera and starting to film him.

“It happens all the time,” she later told News Corp. “Every TV journalist can say that happens to them almost on a daily basis. I get yelled at from cars all the time, it’s just part of the job.”

In that case, this journo deserves a raise…