The first JonBenét Ramsey documentary trailer reveals some new details about the case.

The missing child. The ransom note. The pointed fingers.

Few cases have transfixed and befuddled quite like that of murdered six-year-old beauty queen JonBenét Ramsey.

Twenty years on, US network CBS has decided the world’s most famous unsolved murder is ripe for a revisit, and it’s just released the first trailer.

The Case of JonBenét Ramsey will be a three-part, six-hour documentary series that aims to answer the many questions that still linger over the case.

Including, of course, the big one.

“This little girl’s homicide to this date has not been resolved. In my opinion, I think we can change that right now,” says retired FBI special agent James Fitzgerald in the trailer.

Fitzgerald is just one of the numerous experts CBS has rolled out for the series, including forensic scientists, a statement analyst, a forensic linguist and a former New Scotland Yard behavioural analyst.

jonbenet ramsey trailer

JonBenét Ramsey vanished from her Colorado home on Boxing Day, 1996. Image: Getty

The trailer shows the group pouring over the results of the original investigation, as well fresh information provided by new witnesses (including a 911 operator who says she could have "turned the case around"), new evidence made possible by then-unavailable technology and even a making use of a complete, true-to-life reconstruction of the Ramsey's house.

Whether a humble television show can manage to meaningfully contribute to an obviously complex crime remains to be seen.

Although having seen the power of series' like Making a Murderer, it might not be all that far fetched.

The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey will air in the US on September 18. No word yet on where/when it will screen in Australia.

Featured image: CBS (still)