A key moment in the teaser for the next Game of Thrones episode hints at Jon Snow's future.

Warning: Spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones ahead.

Did you know we are just a few episodes away from the season finale of the Game of Thrones‘ seventh season?

Which means… we’re all obsessing over EVERY LITTLE DETAIL in an attempt to figure out just what the hell is going to happen.

Which brings us to the 30-second teaser HBO has released ahead of next week’s episode.

There’s Dany telling some Lannister soldiers to bend the knee. There’s Jon chit-chatting about those pesky White Walkers.

And there’s THIS:

Image via HBO.

That, dear friends, is our new favourite dragon Drogon, being ridden by the Mother of Dragons herself, roaring in the face of the King in the North.

And some fans believe it's the moment that Jon Snow's true parentage will be revealed to the world.

In a forum dedicated to discussing all things Thrones, fans believe it's this dragon showdown will lead to Jon saddling up on a dragon of his own.

"After coming from the battle [Dany] finds out that Jon is leaving [Dragonstone] and flies on Drogon to stop him," one fan wrote.

"This is where we get the scene in the trailer in which Drogon screeches at Jon.

"As this showdown is happening what if Rhaegal comes down and lands in between Drogon and Jon. This is one way to establish that Jon is a legit Targ by making a dragon 'obey' or 'protect' him."

It's a fitting theory considering Rhaegal is named after Dany's brother (and Jon Snow's real father), Rhaegar Targaryen.

Fans of the show, and the book on which it is based, have long believed that only those with Targaryen blood can ride dragons.

Plus, based on a vision Daenerys sees in the House of the Undying, it's believed Dany will have two people riding dragons alongside her when she finally conquers Westeros.

And Jon Snow might just fit the bill.

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