This video proves it: Johnny Depp has drunk all the rum.







Johnny Depp, 51, played the hilariously-vulgar and perpetually boozed Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. But now we’re wondering whether that character was much of a stretch.

On Friday, Johnny Depp attended the Hollywood Film Awards with the glitterati’s elite.

He was asked to introduce Mike Myers’ new movie, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon, a documentary on the life of producer and talent agent, Shep Gordon.

Johnny introduced Mike Myers and his team.

And then proceeded to give a speech that was very bizarre, even by Hollywood standards.

Sure, he might just be suffering the old Hollywood malady of “exhaustion”, but the reasons why we assume he’s drunk are clear.

Firstly, he decides to comment on the shape of the microphone, leaning over it as though it was a partner he was hoping to tango with. The microphone does not seem amused.


Then he scratches his hair (unwashed, but classic Jack Sparrow) before proceeding to read his introduction from the autocue. Every. Word. Is. Slurred.


He also has significant trouble reading the words on the screen. Maybe because HE IS WEARING SUNGLASSES IN DOORS.

Finally, a string of cuss words that had to be censored.

(Probably) *Drunk*

We’re onto you, Depp.

Watch the video below and see for yourself (post continues below)

Shep Gordon (who is sitting in the crowd) takes it really well.

Johnny puts it down to being “one of those nights.”

We’ve all been there. And still happy to go there, in spite of it all.