Johnny Depp injures his hand. Can't wave around a sword.

Get the tissues out.

Swash-buckling pirate Johnny Depp has been injured. His hand has been hurt. He may never wave around a sword again. Oh no.

Depp has been spotted nursing his sore arm while boarding a plane in Brisbane earlier today. He’ll need to stop filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in the meantime.

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To demonstrate just how #hardcore he is despite his injury, Depp used gaffa tape with a skull and crossbone shape on it to hold his hand together. What a motif.


Fans were quick to point out how awkward it was that instead of braving our medical system, Depp would rather brave a 15 hour flight.

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No word just yet on how this hand injury will affect Depp’s musical venture with his rock band, the Hollywood Vampires, or his relationship with his new wife.

Or if Captain Jack Sparrow’s injury will delay the release of Pirates 5, which is currently set as July 7th 2017.

Reportedly he will return to the Gold Coast in two weeks time. More than enough time to rest his poor hand.

#PrayforJohnny. And his hand.