The 6 most impossibly awkward moments from the Oscars.

Ah, the Oscars. A beautiful time when all the most famous people in the world get together to reward people for their accomplishments celebrate art get drunk, eat pizza, take selfies, thank God, and mispronounce people’s names.

We already brought you the greatest moments from the 86th Academy Awards. Now, we present to you… The Most Awkward.


1. When John Travolta gave Idina Menzel a new name


You had one job, John Travolta.

All the Grease star has to do last night was introduce legendary Broadway singer/goddess Idina Menzel for her performance of Let It Go from Disney movie Frozen. But he simply made up a name and said that one instead. Because he was so good in Saturday Night Fever, he can officially do whatever the hell he wants forever and ever.

Repeat after us, Jahn Tramolto: Idina Menzel. I-din-a Men-zel.

Not Adella Dazeem, as John says in this video.


2. Matthew McConaughey thanked himself, AKA God


Matthew McCaughney, former rom-com star now Serious Academy Award Winning Actor Man, deserved his win last night. He was spellbinding in Dallas Buyers’ Club. As for his acceptance speech last night? It was even worse than that movie he did with Sarah Jessica Parker, Failure To Launch.

McConaughey said he needs three things in life: God, family, and a hero. And conveniently for him, he can fulfill all those roles himself. His ultimate hero is Future Mr McConaughey.


3. Orlando Bloom ambushed Miranda Kerr


Handsome tuxedo-clad Orlando Bloom swooped in to greet his recently estranged love, Miranda Kerr, right in the middle of an interview. Aussie supermodel Miranda, who came dressed as a human disco ball, was chatting happily to the media when her ex ambushed her with a kiss and a casual “You’re well?”

Skip to 0.49 for the exact moment he swoops in:




4. This woman accepted her award in song


Secret AWESOME rating: 9/10

Get singer Darlene Love anywhere near a live microphone and she’ll just burst into song. The 72-year-old veteran musician was on stage with the makers of Best Documentary 20 Feet From Stardom when she kicked into an impromptu rendition of gospel hymn His Eye Is On The Sparrow. Because why not.



5. Liza Minnelli gets left out of world’s most famous selfie


Ellen DeGeneres orchestrated the greatest selfie of time, and it literally broke Twitter. Just look at all these famous faces:

But for Liza Minnelli – there in the bright blue satin jumpsuit – it was not so great…


6. Mindy Kaling was asked what colour guy she chases


Bonus racist rating: 6/10

Oh, boy. When writer/actor/comedian Mindy Kaling hit the red carpet last night, E! News reporter Alicia Quarles asked her what “her type” was instead of oh, we don’t know, any other question about her incredibly successful career. She then asked what “colour” Mindy goes for, once again proving that Mindy-K cannot escape people treating her conspicuously as a woman of colour.

Graciously, she pulled this face and left:

 What’s your vote for Most Awkward Oscars moment? Did we miss any?

And just for you, we’ve put all the Oscars dresses in one place:

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