Potentially awkward news for John Travolta.




John Travolta has found himself in a highly publicised face off (one that does NOT involve awesome technologically-advanced face transplant surgery) with his former pilot who has famously claimed the pair were involved in a gay love affair during the 1980s.

This week an American court determined that Douglas Gotterba, a Californian pilot employed by Travolta between 1981 and 1987, is not bound by any confidentiality restrictions during his tenure with the Grease star, which means he is free to kiss and tell in his planned memoirs.

Travolta’s camp dismisses Gotterba’s claims as pulp fiction and will appeal the decision.

The actor hasn’t had a hit since Hairspray, he’s either a man being harassed by an opportunistic scumbag or a closeted gay man being outed against his will, and the people in his life are enabling his poor facial hair choices.

Poor John Travolta. He’s due for a break.

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