US TV host John Oliver spectacularly roasts "hypocritical" Barnaby Joyce over his affair.

The Barnaby Joyce scandal has made its big foray into international news, with British comedian John Oliver savaging him as “hypocritical” for having an affair with his former media adviser, Vikki Campion.

Oliver, the host of Last Week Tonight on HBO, roasted the antics of our Deputy Prime Minister, but not before taking aim at the rest of us first, describing Australia as “70 per cent uninhabitable because of desert and 30 per cent uninhabitable because of Australians”.

Fair shot.

Introducing Joyce to his audience, Oliver said “you may remember he threatened to euthanise Johnny Depp’s illegally imported dogs, Pistol and Boo”. We, ah, remember.

He went on to give context around what’s been the biggest political story in Australia this year.

Watch John Oliver lay into Barnaby Joyce in the video below.

Video by HBO

“Joyce is a social conservative and opposed same-sex marriage in their referendum last year because he believes in traditional family values, and you can probably see where this is going,” Oliver explained.


“You might think that is hypocritical. But in reality Joyce has such incredible family values that he can’t restrict them to just one family.”

He went on:

“The Australian media has understandably jumped on this like a Deputy Prime Minister with a wife and four children jumping on his 33-year-old former media adviser.”

Oliver also joked about Ms Campion’s father, showing footage of Peter Campion slapping a rolled up newspaper into his hand and saying: “I think a Deputy PM on a spit would be quite a sight.”

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A clearly amused Oliver called Mr Campion “the most Australian man that ever lived”.

“In Australia they actually don’t have Santa Claus they just have that guy [Mr Campion] coming down your chimney and whether you’ve been bad or good he just beats you with a newspaper,” he said.

It’s good to be known for… something?