Johanna Griggs attacks Woman's Day: ‘Did you not learn anything from Rebel Wilson?’

On the latest cover of Woman’s Day, Johanna Griggs calls her husband “the bravest man in the world”.

The only problem is – Griggs never said that – and even her husband, Todd Huggins, thinks it’s “a stretch”.

The TV presenter has penned an open letter to the magazine on Instagram, calling it out for it’s inaccurate reporting and asking whether it “learnt anything” from the Rebel Wilson lawsuit.

The article – which Griggs didn’t contribute to at all – claims the 43-year-old saved Huggins life when she used her “sixth sense” and urged him to have a growth in his throat checked.

Woman’s Day quotes a “family friend” who claims if the lump was left untreated, Huggins may have died in his sleep.

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In her post Griggs explains that Huggins did have an operation but she did not “save his life”, the doctors and medical staff who looked after him did.

“Oh @womansdayaus, did you not learn anything from @rebelwilson smashing you in court?” Griggs begins her post. “Or even from me calling you out previously for taking a lot of poetic license with your articles?”

“Todd wasn’t rushed off to hospital like you’ve made up in your fantasy world. In fact we booked in to see specialists and doctors and in to the hospital like thousands of other families do every year.”

“Todd did have an operation and for the record he has been doing really well since,” she continued. “And as much as he giggled at your cover line of being called ‘The Bravest Man in the World’ even he thinks that’s a stretch.”

Griggs finished off her post by asking the magazine to “give it a rest” and to “stop overdramatising things”.

This is not the first time Griggs has called out Woman’s Day, last month when the magazine claimed she was “crumbling” under her hosting duties for House Rules, Griggs accused them of “writing bollocks”.

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“For the record: I don’t feel stuck between the judges. I’m not worried about my career, and I’m really not feeling any angst at all about this year’s series,” she wrote.

“It takes a lot to make me snap… and possibly the closest I’ve ever got is the frustration I feel when I read such rubbish.”

A challenge to women: stop the gossip. Post continues…

Following today’s post, many of Griggs’ fans flocked to her page to show their support.

“Good on you, Joh. These magazines are full of absolute crap, hence why I refuse to buy them. Good on you for setting them straight and I only hope more people follow suit,” one person commented.

“Thanks for speaking out, Joh. It’s so sad that people actually feel the need to write this rubbish. I’m so angry I could go on and on… I’m ever so happy that Todd is OK,” added another.

“What a bunch of rubbish! Good for you! I am not sure who would buy these rubbish magazines.”

What do you think of Johanna’s message? Do you think she did the right thing?