Joel Madden's drug stash a shoe-in.






1. Joel Madden’s drug stash a shoe-in.

In a Daily Telegraph exclusive, the paper reveals that the cannabis in Joel Madden’s hotel room was found inside a Louis Vuitton shoe box.

According to the report, seven levels of The Darling management were notified of the drug stash before police were called.

The Good Charlotte singer was not in his room at the time of the find as he was meeting with a cancer patient. (Honestly, you could not make this stuff up.)

The shoe box on top of the bathroom vanity with a packet of Camel cigarettes nearby. Madden was not charged for being in possession of the 5g of cannabis that was stored inside a ziploc plastic bag.

What the “hotel housekeeping supervisor” was doing peeking inside the shoe box has yet to be answered.

2. When Kylie Minogue was diagnosed with breast cancer, the sudden rise in breast screenings was dubbed ‘The Kylie Effect’. Now it seems Angelina Jolie has sparked a similar movement – click here to read about the Angelina Effect.

3. Harrison Craig wins The Voice, everyone act surprised.

The Voice favourite, Harrison Craig was crowned the winner in the l o n g e s t, most drawn out episode ever season two finale last night.

Team Ricky’s Luke Kennedy came second runner-up with Team Delta’s Celia and Team Joel’s Danny Ross in third and fourth place respectively.

In case you fell asleep or switched off, here is the moment Harrison took out the title. And for those of you playing along at home did you pick up that Harrison drove away in a Ford, Harrison Ford, geddit?



And here is the other most-talked about moment from the show, Ricky Martin’s out-of-sync performance of his new single, Come With Me. The network defended the hip-shaking singer tweeting, “We can confirm Ricky was singing live and due to a technical fault the performance went to air out of sync”. And as @adsticle so elouently put on Twitter, “Why is everyone looking at Ricky’s mouth?”


4. The True Blood cast got a bit snap-happy for the premiere of the show’s sixth season – click here to see their hilarious poses.

5. Kate Moss poses nude for Playboy, we’re excited because?

Sorry if you came here looking for the Playboy pics, we won’t get the full-frontal until the January issue  is released (or leaked online).

Not only is Moss covering the current ‘Forever Young’ issue of Vogue Australia but word is, her hairstylist let slip that he just wrapped Mossy’s nude shoot for Playboy’s January issue – also the mag’s 60th anniversary issue. Not so coincidentally, Moss will also celebrate her 40th birthday the same month.


It’s not the first time the 39-year-old model has appeared naked in print, she was snapped topless by celebrated photographer Corinne Day as a fresh-faced 16-year-old and in various states of nudity for David Yurman, St. Tropez sunscreen and Italy’s Pirelli catalogue.

6. George Clooney’s dad has told some pretty cute stories about his famous son during a Father’s Day interview. Click here to read what George was like as a young boy…

7. Beyonce congratulates Kimye.

Who sends flowers when you can just update your blog?

Putting an end to those pesky rival rumours, Beyonce has congratulated Kim Kardashian and Kanye West on the birth of their first child – a yet to be (publicly) named girl.

Beyonce updated her Tumblr with a black and white image of the couple with “Congratulations” emblazoned in capital letters. Adding a personal message to the new parents, “Congratulations Kim & Kanye, enjoy this beautiful moment together – Beyoncé”

The photo has also garnered over 130,000 likes on Beyonce’s Facebook page.


8. Bill Clinton has told the story of his daughter Chelsea’s birth at a fundraising event – and it’s a good one. Click here to read the details.

9. Real life Ken and Barbie met, do not instantly fall in love.

They look like statutes!

In other not-related (to anything) news, the two – lets just say- cosmetically-enhanced models whose life work is to look like real-life Barbie and Ken dolls have met for the first-time and are reportedly underwhelmed by each other.

‘How is this even possible?’I hear you ask. Well, the pair got together for an upcoming episode of Inside Edition, but sources say the icy reception could have to do with Justin Jedlica’s, 32, remarks about Valeria Lukyanova’s, 23, surgery saying she “looked like a drag queen”.

Or maybe it’s because they weren’t in the Dream House?