The best internet responses to Joe Hockey's advice for young people.

“Get a good job that pays good money’ is the advice Joe Hockey has for young people who want to buy a house.

Everyone stop what they’re doing.

Joe Hockey has the answer to your financial woes, and it is actually quite simple.

The answer is…. *drumroll*….

“Get a good job that pays good money.”

Yep, that’s it.

Don’t worry about following your dreams, abiding by the law or working to your qualification (or lack of one) — just get a job already, you lazy sods.

Unsurprisingly, Mr Hockey is facing a bit of backlash from the youth of Australia.

Overnight, the hashtag #AdviceForJoe emerged on Twitter — with Australians hitting back at their out-of-touch representative.

More have taken offence at Hockey using tax-payer funds to rent his wife’s house.

But most people are just dumbfounded that he is so utterly clueless.

Proceed with caution, Joe, or this could be your fate…

Click through this gallery to see more #AdviceForJoe tweets:

What’s your advice for Joe?

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