Why has Joe Biden, US Vice-President, become the king of memes?

If you’ve been online this week, you’ll have seen at least one meme featuring US Vice-President Joe Biden.

The 73-year-old politician, whose nicknames include ‘Uncle-in-Chief’ and ‘Cup of Joe’, is featured pitching ideas to prank President-elect Donald Trump when he gets the keys to the White House next year.

Needless to say the memes have been shared on countless news sites around the world

So what’s behind his cult appeal?

Here’s a little bit more about the man behind the memes

He’s a Scranton man

Mr Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

He was first elected to the Senate in 1972 after becoming an attorney and then serving on the New Castle County council in 1970.

He became the sixth-youngest senator in US history

It’s not always been an easy life for the Vice-President

His wife Neilia and 13-month-old daughter Naomi were killed in a car crash in 1972, not long after he had been elected to the Senate.

His two sons survived the accident.

His son Beau Biden, who had battled brain cancer for several years, died in May last year.

He is married to second wife Jill Biden.

His son Hunter, who survived the car crash that killed his mother, is now a successful lawyer and businessman.

Did he ever want to be president?


He tried to get the Democratic presidential nomination

Barack Obama chose him as his running mate

Last year Mr Biden announced he would not be making third bid for the presidency.

So why does the public love him?

He has a genuine friendship with President Barack Obama

Most presidential candidates choose someone they can imagine working well with.


But for President Obama and VP Biden, it’s a proper bromance

They even have friendship bracelets.

He has a sense of humour

So we know that the memes aren’t real.

But, when the Vice-President made his feelings about the election result very clear in a press conference with President Barack Obama

And nobody rocks a pair of Ray-Bans

His campaign for cancer research

During his son’s fight against brain cancer and since, Mr Biden has been a staunch advocate for cancer research

In September he said he planned to dedicate the rest of his life after politics to the cancer research cause.

In July he even made a visit to a Melbourne-based cancer centre

He’s had a few gaffes, but kept away from controversy

Yes, a few expletives have slipped out when he didn’t realise the microphones were still on.

And he gave a really awkward hug to Hillary Clinton

But as Griffith University political expert Paul Williams told the ABC, part of Mr Biden’s appeal is his relatability

“My suspicion is that Biden is now a relatively pleasant contrast to what many see as a potentially unpalatable Trump,” Dr Williams said.

“Biden has been quite a successful VP, he’s been rather innocuous and really hasn’t done anything to offend, which is a key job of being VP.

“Voters like leaders to be human, they like our leaders to be just like us, ‘but a bit better’.

“Personality can cut both ways: a strong personality can prove a liability.”

Thanks for the laughs Joe.

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