This Hollywood A-lister just proposed to his yoga teacher...

UPDATE: Just kidding, apparently.

In a career-long bid to prove he’s the weirdest dude in Hollywood, Joaquin actually lied on the Late Show with David Letterman last night about being engaged, because he was ‘just kidding’.

Hours after, crazy ol’ Joaquin went on Good Morning America and revealed the truth. “I think, like, my life is so boring, it seemed like it was something exciting to talk about,” he said. “I just want the audience to like me and they really like people who are getting married.”

You’re a weird guy, Joaquin. Weeeeird guy.

As David Letterman said the next day: “Not engaged? Fine. Send back the slow-cooker.”

We’ll have some serious trust issues with you now, Phoenix. And so will your yoga teacher.


As Mamamia reported last night: 

Annnnnnd he’s engaged! Congratulations are in order for Joaquin Phoenix who announced his impending nuptials last night on The Late Show With David Letterman.

So who’s the lucky lady? None other than Phoenix’s yoga teacher.

Phoenix making the announcement on The Late Show.

Apparently, first comes breathing exercises, then comes something called “harnessing the hog” – which to be honest with you DOES NOT sound like a legitimate yoga position – and then it’s love, soon a marriage and who knows, maybe even a baby in a golden carriage?

For those still unclear on what exactly “harnessing the hog” is, Phoenix got low to demonstrate (pictured).

Joaquin demonstrates the “a compromising and vulnerable position” he found himself in while “harnessing the hog”

“My Julio Inglesias is up next her goulash and she’s pulling and thrusting,” he explained rather breathily.

“This it the crazy part of the story. We started dating… and I think she’s the one. I proposed to her and she said ‘yes’!”

Watch the full interview here.


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