Does Elle Macpherson have a ring on it?

1. Elle Macpherson ‘set to marry’ Jeffrey Soffer.

Elle Macpherson and partner Jeffrey Soffer are reportedly engaged.

Wait? What? Who’s Jeffrey Soffer?

Lets break this down: He’s 43 and a hotel heir and billionaire. The pair dated for two years before splitting at the beginning of 2012.

Macpherson, 49, and Soffer reportedly rekindled their romance after Soffer was involved in a helicopter accident – with Macpherson flying to his side to provide her love and support.

Naw, it’s the stuff movies are made of.

Rachael Finch and Michael Miziner are expecting their first child.

2. Love is in the air do-do-do-do-do

Rachael Finch, former Miss Universe contestant and Fango enthusiast, is pregnant with her first child.

The newly married 24-year-old was already “about a week pregnant” when she walked (danced?) down the aisle in January to former Dancing With The Stars partner Michael Miziner.

Miziner told New Idea that, “We were planning to try around the honeymoon, but it just happened to occur a week earlier”.

Congratulations to Rachael and Michael.

Jessica Rowe has admitted to using botox.

3. You can have your Botox and be a feminist too.

Jessica Rowe has admitted to using Botox – but says this doesn’t change the fact that she’s a feminist.

“I’ve come clean because I’m sick of women beating each other up over what they decide to do with their faces.”

The 42-year-old Weekend Sunrise presenter has always been open and frank about her private life previously speaking about conceiving via IVF and postnatal depression – as well as talking candidly about being sacked from her position as host of Nine Network’s Today in 2007.

She writes about botox:


“I choose to do it because it makes me feel better. And isn’t feminism about supporting the different choices women make, even if they don’t fit with your world view? I’m not advocating Botox, I’m simply being honest about it. And honesty is a quality that’s important to me – too often women aren’t honest enough with each other.”

4.Kelly Osbourne collapses on the set of Fashion Police

Melissa and Joan Rivers have spoken openly about the seizure Kelly Osbourne suffered in front a studio audience while filming Fashion Police.

In the video Joan Rivers describes her daughter, Melissa, as a “sports mom,” as she rushed to Kelly’s aid when the cast and crew were frozen in fear.

“I just laid on the ground with her until we got the seizure to stop,” Melissa said. “She was disoriented and I just laid on the ground with her to keep her down because she kept trying to stand up.”

“I made her look at me. I said, ‘I’m here, stay with me, it’s all fine.’ I explained where we were.”

After the seizure Kelly wanted to resume filming but Joan insisted she go to the hospital.

Tweeting a picture of her arm from her hospital bed, Kelly wrote, “Thank U all 4 UR beautiful well wishes.”

“Yes I did have a seizure they are just trying to figure out why.”

5. Red carpet round-up: Laced-up heels, leather pants and 90s fashion.

If you needed more evidence that the 90s are back in fashion, take a look at Alexa Chung at the Armory Party in New York this weekend. For anyone not alive in the mid-90s, the black spaghetti-strap slip dress/singlet over a white top was a fashion STAPLE. As to why – well, we can’t answer that.

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