Jo Beth and Laurina make up on I'm a Celeb? We call Bull Sneeze.

Apparently the feud between Laurina Fleure and Jo Beth Taylor is over because they gave each other a peck on the cheek before sweet Jo Beth marched out of camp to compete in a high wire World’s End tucker trial.

We call Bull Sneeze. Pass the tissues. Excuse me. Big. Huge. Bull Sneeze.

This “evidence backed” assertion is based on one peck on the cheek between the two frenemies. All the camp members wished Jo Beth luck and Laurina did the same.

“Good luck,” Laurina says to Jo Beth putting her arms out for a hug. Quick hug and peck. “Thanks babe,” Jo Beth responds. “Good luck in the kitchen.”

“And I’m sorry about all the drama,” Laurina adds.

“That’s okay. Move forward,” Jo Beth says walking away. “Onward and upward.”

Watch the whole ‘quick hug and peck’ encounter below. Was it heartfelt? Post continues after video.

That was it. The ol’ double pat on the back hug and a quick cheek to cheek peck. A peck between two women is not the basis of a truce.  Just look at Real Housewives of Anywhere or the Kardashians doing anything or Christmas party drinks.

It’s who you feel the need to talk about that matters.

Particularly when you face your worst fear – heights – and you say you have never felt this “scared in your life” and you start climbing a crane that hangs out across a 600 metre drop while at the same time are required to lean out precariously to the side of the crane to grab a flag and you start talking about someone. You are two Centrepoint Towers on top of each other in the air and you decide to talk about who?


“You should totally go back with more than Laurina brought back,” host Julia Morris prompts Jo Beth as she climbs.

jo beth and laurina hugging image via channel 10
Friends or enemies? You decide. Image: Channel 10.

And we are off. While we are clinging up a crane over a deep ravine. No biggie.

“Ohhh Laurina,” Jo Beth says breathlessly hanging onto the crane. “Don’t muck this cooking up or I might have to do something about it.”

“You’re stronger than me,” Julia says. “I’m not sure I could do it mate.”

“Take on Laurina or get the stars Jules?” Jo Beth asks as though they are both having a wine at a cute hole in the wall hipster establishment in a Melbourne laneway.

“Yeah, both.”

“She doesn’t scare me one bit.”

jo beth finger image via channel 10
Jo Beth flipping the bird to Laurina. Image: Channel 10.

But you are talking about her Jo Beth as your heart races and your hands shake and you scale a crane over a cliff so she is doing something to you.

We think a monkey might know.

Jo Beth hasn’t made up with Laurina. Not for one second.

This week on The Binge, Rosie Waterland spoke to a former I’m a celebrity contestant about what goes on behind the scenes….listen here:

*Feature image courtesy of Channel 10.

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