Jimmy Kimmel just gloriously summed up Amber Sherlock and Julie Snook's 'wardrobe meltdown'.

Since the Channel Nine clip of the now so-called ‘wardrobe meltdown’ was leaked, it has spread like wildfire across the internet and around the world.

Now, the footage of newsreader Amber Sherlock reproaching colleague Julie Snook for failing to wear a jacket has – unfortunately for them – landed squarely into the hands of US TV host Jimmy Kimmel.

“I don’t know who decided to release this tape but whoever that was I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Kimmel said, before playing snippets of the video.

Kimmel afterward joked, “it’s like a comedy there. Get those women on The View immediately.”

Julie Snook, Amber Sherlock and Sandy Rea. Image: Channel 9.

The View is a popular talk show hosted only by women in the US.

Kimmel, 49, then made the rather premature prediction this could turn out to be the most memorable clip of 2017.


"I know it’s early but it could turn out to be clip of the year right there," he said.

Video by Channel 9

While Kimmel might be thanking the person who leaked the video, the Nine Network is seeing things very, very differently.

The TV station has reportedly tracked down the person who downloaded the video internally, but not yet flushed out who then sent the footage to the media.

“There are only a handful of people who could have been responsible for the video spreading,” a source inside the station told The Daily Telegraph.

It's not known what action will be taken against the person, but it the leak has been widely described as a "sackable offence".

It was reported by Yahoo7Be that Sherlock was yesterday to meet with Nine's national director of news Darren Wick and HR representatives to discuss the incident and the resulting fallout.

Sherlock and Snook both addressed their wince-inducing exchange in statements to 9Honey.

"I probably overreacted with the pressure of presenting a live news bulletin," Sherlock said.

Snook added that the two were "good friends".

"News is a fast moving environment and sometimes these things happen," Snook said.