The best moments from Jimmy Fallon's Golden Globes opening monologue.

As host of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon is no stranger to performing a memorable opening monologue. Hosting the 2017 Golden Globe awards, he opened the ceremony with a performance that did not disappoint.

Here are the five best moments from the comedian’s opening monologue at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

1. The teleprompter broke at the very start of the monologue.

It wasn’t the best start to the glamorous event, but it was the perfect opportunity for Fallon to put his incredible improvisational skills to good use.

“You know what? I’ll make up this monologue,” the 42-year-old announced.

2. He joked about the US election.

“This is the Golden Globes one of few places where America still acknowledges the popular vote,” Fallon teased.

Naturally, the room erupted in laughter.

3. He called out the emotional rollercoaster that was 2016.

When announcing that film Manchester By The Sea was nominated for five awards Fallon made a quirly observation.

“You might remember Manchester By The Sea for the only thing from 2016 that was more depressing than 2016,” he said.

Image via Fox8.

4. He teased the celebrities.

"You might remember Matt Damon from his greatest acting role, telling Ben Affleck that he liked Batman vs Superman," Fallon said.

The Camera panned to Damon who was shaking his head while holding back a giggle.

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5. The Trump joke that had the audience in stitches.

Making reference to the film Florence Foster Jenkins, the story of a wealthy woman who her pursues her dream to become an opera singer despite her lack of talent, Fallon quipped:

"The character was dubbed 'the world's worst opera singer' and even she turned down performing at Donald Trump's inauguration.

"It's a tough gig to book!"