A father just stood before the Shark Tank judges and shared the most personal pitch yet.

Most of the business pitches that make it onto Shark Tank include stories of an ingenious idea, some capital raised through any means possible and a period of rapid growth.

But rarely do we hear stories as personal or heartfelt as that of New South Wales entrepreneur, Jaypee Abrahams.

“At the time, we actually didn’t know anything about autism,” Jaypee says when discussing the days that followed his young son Ryland’s diagnosis with the disorder.

Jaypee Abrahams created his company to help his son with autism. Source: Channel 10.

"Ryland paved the way for my family to understand what health food is. My wife, Victoria, dedicated herself to understanding everything about autism and found the link between autism and good nutrition, which helps support Ryland."

From their journey in learning how to support their son, Jimalie was born; a company that creates organic coconut-based products sold across Australia, many of which act as substitutes for refined foods, something Jaypee says Ryland is required to avoid at all costs.

When pressed on the issue by shark and Boost Juice founder Janine Allis, Jaypee said that he and Victoria had found that if and when Ryland eats heavily processed foods, there is "a 70 per cent difference in his behaviour."

Perhaps even more impressively, though, is the fact that the coconuts used within the products are sourced from farmland owned by Jaypee's late father, Jim.

Happily, Jaypee was able to strike a deal with veterinarian Glen Richards, who is also a co-owner of a chain of organic grocers throughout the country. So with that in mind, expect to see a lot more of Jimalie products in the future.

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