Victoria's health minister has shared the brutal abuse she cops from anti-vaxxers.

Victoria’s Health Minister Jill Hennessy has outed some the anti-vaccination trolls who abuse and threaten her online.

Hennessy says she has been called a “shill for Big Pharma”, a “dirty dog” and had cancer wished upon her because of her push to raise her state’s vaccination rates.

In a video for the Herald SunHennessy reads out some of the tweets she’s received while working in public office.

Not only are they sexist and even occasionally violent, they’re also deeply unscientific. You can view the video in the Facebook post below.

“People should be under no illusions: the anti-vaccination movement is not a group of peace-loving hippies, as some might assume. They are an organised group that peddle misinformation that is dangerous, and their advocacy techniques are unhelpful, abusive and downright rude,” she told the newspaper.

“If you are unable to prosecute an argument without having to go to such steps, then you probably don’t have a very good argument in the first place — and that is very true of the anti-vax movement.”