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Jill and Kevin’s divorce

If you're one of the 17 million people who have viewed the viral video of Jill and Kevin's wedding (or possibly one of the 5 million people who have watched it a bunch of times – me!), you may be interested in this……

According to reports:

Jill and Kevin's Unexpected Divorce Entrance has already been viewed by
more than 1 million people, which is some vindication for its creator,
Max Rosen, from New York video production company Indigo Productions.

Rosen, who has no affiliation with Heinz and Peterson, believes he has hit on a formula for creating viral video hits.

created the divorce clip after clients began asking him about the
possibility of making viral videos that advertise their products and

The divorce clip was funded by Ricoh but
the brand does not feature anywhere in the clip. Rosen said it was all
an experiment, sparked by an idea by one of his writers and the
reaction of students in his viral video production class at New York

"I thought this was hilarious, so I told
the class, and the students started laughing so hard that they nearly
fell off their chairs – then and there I knew it would be a hit, if we
executed it properly," Rosen said.

He said it took
exactly 48 hours between the time they decided to make the divorce
video and the time the cameras started rolling on July 29.

the original wedding entrance video had a homegrown, amateur charm, the
divorce dancers were "all top Broadway dancers and acrobatic tumblers",
Rosen said.

"We spent 48 hours frantically casting,
scouting locations, filling out paperwork and insurance certificates,
preparing costumes, rehearsing the choreography and doing 100 other
things needed to make the parody successful," he said.

divorce clip choreography is virtually identical to the original, and
Brown's Forever makes another appearance as the theme song, but the
setting is the New York Supreme Court.

In an
apparent rejection of Brown riding their coat tails and earning money
from their viral clip despite being due for sentencing this week for
assaulting his former girlfriend Rihanna, Jill and Kevin are now asking
people through their website to donate to anti-domestic violence group
the Sheila Wellstone Institute.

Now THAT's a good story….


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