10-year-old Jetta was bullied relentlessly over her hair cut.

Jetta with her amazing hair cut.






For 10-year-old Jetta it was just about helping others.

She had read about charities that make wigs for cancer and she wanted to donate her own hair.

Her mother was “super proud”.

Jetta just wanted to make a difference.

What she never expected was the bullying and hatred that followed a simple desire to help out others.

10-year old Jetta first had her hair cut to her shoulders but decided that wasn’t short enough.

“She wanted it shorter, so we went back and they cut it shorter and I think that’s when things got worse” her mother, Heidi Fosberg told WHIO.

Jetta from Ohio in the US, had a pixie cut – a gorgeous crop that made her face light up.

She donated 35 cm  of luscious golden hair to the charity Wigs for Kids.

But when she went to school the bullies struck.

Various boys from her classroom started to tease her. Jetta says they told her she was ugly, and that she must want to be a boy.

The little girl was left devastated. She had only wanted to help others.



The bullying went on for several weeks.

Heidi decided to approach the school principal about it.

She told WHIO that his attitude shocked her.


Jetta before the chop.

“He told me that he didn’t know of any child that had ever died from words, and that we needed to toughen up and deal with it, and he would deal with it how he saw appropriate which was obviously not the response we were looking for.”

Jetta’s mum decided to pull her out of school.

“Some kids go through this, far more severe, far longer than Jetta has endured, but it shouldn’t matter,” she said. “We just want them to realise that this isn’t just kids being kids and kids shouldn’t get to say things like this.”

Heidi has now stated up a Facebook page and says she has been inundated with support from around the world.

“Saturday, my 7 year old daughter cut 12 inches of hair after I read your story to them! You are a wonderful person and an inspiration!’ wrote one poster.

Gorgeous Jetta has made a difference in just sharing her story.

Another, “Hi from the Netherlands. Read your story here in the newspaper. You go girl.”

While others who had been affected by cancer themselves thanked Jetta for her bravery “As a mom of a 6th grade daughter who happens to be a leukemia survivor, I am proud of you.”

The school has now said that they are investigating the bullying and working on respect with their pupils.

If you want to donate help kids with cancer you can visit the Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia page here.

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