Jetstar staffer blasts complaining travellers. Internet loves it.

There were a lot of pissed off people in airports across Australia yesterday. On one of the busiest travel days of the year, with 60,000 people commuting in the lead up to Christmas, Jetstar’s IT system crashed.

Cue absolute chaos.

Although the issue was fixed by around 8am, the fallout caused rolling delays upwards of 90 minutes with many flights being cancelled all together.

But it wasn’t just fliers affected by the drama, it wasn’t any fun for employees who had to deal with all us complaining travellers.

And one of those employees was pretty happy to let everyone know about it.

The riled up staff member took to The Sydney Morning Herald‘s Facebook page to vent, calling angry passengers “a bunch of whingers.”

Image via Twitter.

“Obviously don’t travel enough. Happens to everyone and today it’s jetstars day (sic),” she wrote. “Sure ud be making the Same complaints if u were flying someone else and the same thing occured.”
“You are all a bunch of whingers!” she continued. “Grow up and think about the people that are working today and have to deal with all you nuts freaking about delays!”
Jetstar told the Herald that they are in the process of “contacting” the young woman in question, “These comments are inappropriate and don’t reflect the views of Jetstar or our employees.”
Oh dear. It might be time to pop on