The Nazi Korean sex cult recruiting from Australian universities.

From the outside, “Jesus Morning Star” might seem like any other university faith group.

They recruit on campus and in shopping centres. They encourage new students to join. They run bible study sessions and prayer groups.

But Jesus Morning Star isn’t just any club: it’s a Korean cult which claims that women who have sex with their leader, Jung Myung Seok, are “purified”.

It’s “bible readings” include excerpts from speeches by Adolf Hitler.

Recruits of Jesus Morning Star follow a program of extreme sleep deprivation and encouraged to sever ties with their families. Female members are encouraged to “dress up sexily” for Jung, and never to speak to members of the opposite sex to remain faithful to him.

To make matters worse, Jung is currently serving a ten-year sentence in prison in Seoul for raping the followers of Jesus Morning Star, who (although it hardly needs to be said) were not “purified” by the experience.

Jung Myung Seok, the founder of Jesus Morning Star. Image: Wikipedia.

Some previous members of the cult spoke to The Daily Mail about their experiences, with one saying she was lured in by a friendly lady advertising a Christian art show.

"It looked good, so I thought I would check it out," said "Elizabeth", who decline to give her real name.

After meeting the leader of Jesus Morning Star, she moved in with a group of followers, where she was forced to awaken at 3am every morning to pray.


"They said this brought us closer to God," Elizabeth said. "They told us Hitler was a vessel from God."

"It's a mind control technique: when you're deprived of sleep you can't critically think."

She was encouraged to write explicitly sexual letters to Jung in prison, to which he would reply with things like "your vagina would look pretty".

As part of her work for the cult, she recruited new members, and was told to "look for virgins" as the ideal new members.

For a better idea of the scale of the cult, watch Jung speaking to his followers at a rally in Korea.

Video via LiveLeak

Finally, Elizabeth was instructed women to travel to Korea and meet Jung in person. It was seen as the pinnacle of her spiritual journey.

He recognised her immediately, spouting shockingly intimate details of her life.

Eventually, Elizabeth developed an eating disorder as a result of the cult's intense scrutiny of her eating habits. It was a lucky break, although it may not have seemed that way at the time.

She was hospitalised, and her parents, realising that she was in trouble, insisted she move back home with them.

With extensive counselling, Elizabeth finally began to recognise the cult for the harmful environment it was.

Sadly, other recruits of Jesus Morning Star aren't so lucky.

Terrifyingly, 63-year-old Jung is due to be released from jail next year.

He has shown no signs of reform, and thousands of young girls are still involved in Jesus Morning Star.