Can we please talk about Jessie J's hair on The Voice last night?

Apparently last night’s episode of The Voice was full of exciting, dramatic moments, but we must have missed them because we were too busy staring at Jessie J.

Well, her hair, to be more precise.

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During last Tuesday’s episode, the Flashlight singer’s face was framed by her trademark short, sharp black bob. Last night, however, her hair was longer than we’d ever seen it. Yes, this was a long, straight mane of Joni Mitchell proportions:

Obviously, this means Jessie has uncovered every woman’s Holy Grail — the secret to preternatural human hair growth.

There can be no other possible explanation for the inches of growth she’s achieved in less than one week. It’s not like hair stylists have tools and techniques and fakery to make hair look inches longer than it actually is. This is pure sorcery.

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So what’s the secret, we wonder? Has the 27-year-old been drinking some rare hair elixir that’s not legally approved for sale? Has she gone all Dorian Gray and made a sinister bargain with the Long Hair Gods, trading her soul for luscious length?

Whatever it is, it seems Jessie has been sharing her magic with a select few — most recently, Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudgens have experienced similarly accelerated hair growth.

Vanessa Hudgen's clearly know's Jessie's secret.


Perhaps the three of them formed a long-haired coven and they're standing around a beach bonfire and casting spells as we speak, The Craft-style.

It's all so mysterious.

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...Okay, okay, yes: we do know there is such thing as "hair extensions" and that they most definitely have something to do with Jessie's newly long hair. In fact, the pop star is a big fan of experimenting with wigs and extensions — she rarely has the same style for longer than a week.


Unfortunately there are no hairdresser-approved methods for making your hair grow halfway down your back in just five days, but hey — we're holding out hope that one day it'll be the case.

Do you prefer Jessie's hair long or short? Have you ever had extensions?