Jessie J and Joel Madden got into a heated argument during The Voice.

A battle broke out on Sunday night’s episode of The Voice, but it wasn’t between the contestants.

Jessie J and Joel from the Madden brothers came head-to-head after the brothers used a save on a young star who Jessie had just let down.

The singer at the heart of the spat was 17-year-old Aaliyah Warren who went head-to-head with 21-year-old Brianna Holm using Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 9.

When the battle ended, Jessie chose Brianna and took the opportunity to softly console Aaliyah by saying she wasn't "ready yet".


The cameras cut to the judges as they were offered the opportunity to save the 17-year-old from being cut from the final rounds.

The Madden brothers almost immediately jumped to her rescue.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 9.

Jessie's bewildered reaction to the decision was quickly attended to by Joel Madden.

"I agree with you in a lot of ways," he said.


"No you don't - you clearly don't," Jessie said.

Source: Screenshot/Channel 9.

The Madden brother was quick to defend himself.

"Well, you don't always agree with me either," he said.

"I think that Aaliyah is more of a star than most of the people who are already through."

The cameras cut away from the sparking judges to offer audiences some comic relief.


This is effortlessly provided by judge Delta Goodrem as she proves herself to be the real hero of the clip.

Source: Channel 9/Screenshot.

Goodrem was caught with fellow judge Ronan Keating in a rather candid moment as they were placed next to one another.

"I'm scared for him," said Keating.

"Awkward," Goodrem said through a gritted smile.

The situation escalated even further when Jessie openly fumed over the brothers' decision.


"Was my microphone on? Did they hear anything I said?" Jessie said.

Goodrem looks up from her phone and shakes her head innocently.

"I don't know why he did that. [To] piss me off?" she said.

The situation fizzles as the boys walk off stage and Goodrem once again sips her water and pulls a face that is all of us.

Yes, Delta, yes. Source: Channel 9/Screenshot.