Is this the next big trend in celebrity haircuts?

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Lady Gaga and Jessie J have a few things in common: they’re both world famous, chart-smashing pop stars known for their out-there onstage antics and outfits.

As of this weekend, these two women have another similarity to add to the list: their hair.

The subtle Kim Kardashian hair change you didn’t notice.

Jessie J started it. On Friday, the Bang Bang singer graced Instagram with a photo of her new haircut. “Bob is back,” she declared.

Yes, Jessie. Yes it is.

Jessie’s had a longer version of the bob for a while, but this latest iteration is shorter and sharper.

The next day, Lady Gaga followed suit.

Over the years, the singer has worn some dramatic and downright bizarre hairstyles, so it was quite a surprise to see she'd swapped her long platinum extensions for a blunt black bob.

She captioned her post, "Love my new haircut". No chop regrets here, then.

Not sure about you, but we're kind of hoping these twin Velma Kelly-esque haircuts lead to a music collaboration between Gaga and Jessie. It's about time.

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