Jessica Simpson attacked over a picture of her daughter.

Jessica Simpson recently posted a sweet Instagram photo of her daughter Maxwell – and it didn’t take long for the “sanctimummies” to strike.

The singer posted the below photo of her three-year-old daughter with the caption: “Own It. #Maxwell”.

Image via Instagram @jessicasimpson.

*Clutches pearls*

Can you spot the alleged problem?

Certain Instagram users immediately jumped to the conclusion that Simpson was putting her child at risk by not putting her in a booster seat - despite the fact that, as other users pointed out, it does actually look like Maxwell is sitting in one.

shandee_89 wrote "Shouldn't she be in a car seat still lol" while lyzscherer posted "She beautiful!...but she definitely at least still be in a high back booster seat, see how her knees don't fall over the end of the seat nicely? They should with a back on the booster."

Image via Instagram @jessicasimpson.

But others were quick to defend the Newlyweds star, with kategood1 writing "@lyzscherer don't be the Mom police", plaidandpolkadots adding "She is in a booster seat, look closely!!! God some people need to get a life" and lilmolz2 sharing "The first thing I saw was that she was in a booster seat. This is why people stop posting things to share with friends and family because people who don't know what they are talking about can't just comment about the picture without saying something about how the parents are doing something wrong. #sad."

It's not the first time Simpson has been attacked by trolls on Instagram - back in June, she was criticised for another photo of Maxwell, showing her innocently kissing a little boy.

Here's a brilliant idea - how about we all stop judging each other, especially when we don't know the facts?

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