Jessica Simpson posted a photo of her kid just being a kid and everyone flipped out

Let’s not get outraged by this one.

Jessica Simpson… HOW COULD YOU?

The 34-year-old recently posted a photo of daughter, Maxwell, in a pair of pretty adorable bathers. Maxwell, 2, who is possibly the most adorable celebrity child we’ve ever seen (soz, Prince George) is sitting on a chair with one hand on her hip.

This is not okay. At least, according to every angry commenter who has decided that Jessica Simpson is obviously just sexualising her child and showing her off to the masses.

Here’s the photo that has the outrage train rolling.

It’s harmless. It’s no different from the other photos Jessica uploads of her daughter, that show a three-year-old in a series of perfectly innocent photos.

There are photos of her and her brother. Photos of her and her mum. Photos of Max just being a kid.

PS, you can click through the gallery below for photos of Jess, Maxwell and her little brother Ace. Post continues after gallery.

But when commenters saw this completely harmless photo of Maxi in her swimsuit, they didn’t comment very nicely. They took to her social media channels and flooded her comments with their outrage.

“Way to teach your three-year-old to be a prostitute,” one commenter wrote.

“Yuk. Just like her mum,” another said.

For examples of some of the ridiculous comments, click through the gallery below. Post continues after gallery.

Thankfully, the negativity was quickly drowned out by positive, supportive comments from others. And while, of course, there’s an argument that Jessica’s level of fame means she’s going to attract criticism for anything she does. But let’s hold the outrage here, guys.

It’s really not worth it.

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