Hair of the day: Jessica Seinfeld's bleached crop

Beach holidays are excellent in theory. The weather is mighty fine, you get to crack out your favourite swimsuit, and you have the perfect excuse to catch up on some reading (and, of course, gelato eating).

But when you add long hair to the equation things become messy very, very quickly. Sun, sand and salt water are practically the Three Muskateers of dry, knot-ridden hair that requires a whole bottle of conditioner to return to its normal state. Nothing kills the relaxing holiday vibe faster than trying to wrench a comb through your hair after a day of being pummelled by waves.

However, one very clever lady has found the solution to holiday hair woes. Jessica Seinfeld – cookbook author and wife of comedian Jerry – is currently on holiday in Greece. As if that’s not enough to make you jealous, she’s rocking what appears to be the ultimate fuss-free-summer-break haircut. Some people have all the good fortune (not to mention access to all that delicious Mediterranean food).

Jessica, who is a natural brunette, first chopped her long hair into a pixie cut back in December. In May, the 42-year-old completed her transformation by going platinum blonde. “You can never be too old or too brunette to be blonde,” she remarked at the time. Duly noted.

As Jessica’s recent Instagram shots prove, short hair and summer holidays go together like olives and Greek feta. Whether wet and slicked down, styled or slightly windswept, Jessica’s hair looks healthy and happy with not a single matted hairball in sight. And for that reason, we’re awarding her the title of Hair of the Day.

If you’ve ever fought off the temptation to chop off your hair (and/or book a Greek holiday) in time for summer, this gallery will probably get you over the line: